ROC Membership


Raptor Offroad Community Membership

As the name suggests, Raptor Offroad Community or (ROC) is an off-road club based on the idea of creating an all-inclusive community for desert off-road enthusiasts. Our club hosts prerunner-style desert events. We welcome all off-road vehicles, from Ford Raptors to Toyota Tacomas.  Our off-road events range from 2 to 5 day excursions in the American West, with a focus on covering awesome desert terrain and seeing some rare off-the-beaten-track sights, such as abandoned mines, ghost towns, geologic desert formations, and more.

We offer two types of memberships for those who are looking to get out and enjoy our desert runs. All our memberships are billed annually from the start of each season/calendar year (Jan.-Dec.). Both membership types include the following items:

  • Two 10” ROC decals
  • Decal number choice for each event you join
  • Needed club insurance for events joined
  • Any permits, waivers, liabilities per event joined
  • Route planning
  • 20% off Road Tour events
  • Access to past trail maps

ROC Membership Levels

Trail Adventure Member

This membership level allows entry into your choice of any single annual trail run hosted by the club. Membership is $125.

  • Can upgrade to Full Access Membership at any time if desired.

Full Access Member

This membership level allows you entry into any of our ROC hosted Trail Runs. On average, ROC hosts about 5 multi day trail adventures and additional single day or night runs annually. Membership is $240.

Discounts from our supporting vendors:

  • Atturo Tires - Special deals and offers on tires
  • 10% - KING Shocks
  • 20% - FOX Shocks
  • 10% - ADS Shocks
  • 25% - R1 Concept brakes
  • 10% - Baja Designs Lights
  • 10% - CBR Radiator
  • 15% - SVC Offroad
  • 10% - RPG Offroad
  • 10% - BOATEC, Inc.