ROC – Baja Run Requirement

Requirements for ROC Baja Runs

Welcome to the ROC Baja Runs Requirements page. The below requirements are mandatory and will be checked by club staff prior to starting the trip. These requirements are for your safety and the safety of the other club members and the club staff. Please review the requirements, and if you have any questions please email us at

Vehicle Requirements

  1. Participants are required to complete the following vehicle inspections prior to crossing the border:
    • Oil change service must be completed or at least have 50% life remaining.
    • Tires must have 50% or more tread remaining.
    • Battery(s) must be tested to ensure they are in good working condition.
    • Voltage test must be completed to ensure alternator is in good working condition.
    • Exhaust hangers must be inspected for cracks or damage.
  2. Current vehicle registration and license plates must be attached to the vehicle.
  3. Participant must drive a 4x4 Off-Road ready truck, with all services performed to ensure proper 4x4 functionality. If your vehicle is not 4x4 capable, please contact us before signing up to see if it will qualify.
  4. 1 full-size spare tire on board, 2 preferred.
  5. Each vehicle must have a 50 watt, or greater, VHF radio with channels 151.625 and 152.00 programed.
  6. Each vehicle must have added auxiliary Off-Road lights for safety.
  7. Each vehicle must be equipped with an offroad GPS system:
    • Lowrance or Tablet with trail software such as leadnav or back country navigator.
    • All maps will be emailed with the itinerary. If assistance is needed with loading the maps prior to trip departure, a team member can help.
  8. Each vehicle must have on board 5 gallons of extra fuel.
  9. Each vehicle must be equipped with basic hand tools, an offroad jack, and a lug nut key.
  10. Each vehicle must carry a fire extinguisher.

Driver & Participant Requirements

  1. A passport *this is required for ALL participants (Drivers and Passengers).
  2. Mexico full-coverage insurance for your truck. Most US and Canadian insurances DO NOT cover vehicles while driving in Mexico. We recommend (
  3. Clothing for a variety of weather conditions. Desert weather is extreme and often unpredictable, so please be prepared.
  4. A cooler with a case of drinking water is required as we are in areas that may not have safe drinking water.
  5. It is recommended each participant carry additional USD Cash as most locations accept USD - pesos can be used if preferred.
    • Use of US credit/debit cards is NOT recommended, as they are not always accepted. Some of the places we will be staying are very remote and cannot accept credit/debit cards. Additionally, for your own credit protection, we STRONGLY urge the use of cash.


This is an international trip and thus we must follow the rules of our host country for these events. All club members participating in these trips into Baja are STRICKLY PROHIBITED from carrying or bringing the following items. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a permanent BAN from the club and any future events.

  • All weapons and/or ammunition of ANY type (even a single bullet).
  • Large knives or machetes (small pocketknife OK, placed in tool bag).
  • Prescription pills need to be in their original containers or bottles with your name on them.
  • Any and all non-prescribed narcotics (pills, drugs, etc.).
  • Marijuana (including prescribed as they Do Not and Will Not accept your medical marijuana card).
  • Drug paraphernalia or residue of ANY kind.
  • Alcohol on the roads/trails is STRICKLY prohibited (however you may partake freely once the day’s trails are completed and you have exited the trail).
  • Reckless driving or speeding on public roads is ABSOLUTELY prohibited at all times.