Road Maps


As a club, we made the choice to share our routes with fellow driving enthusiasts. Each route listed has been used or pre-driven in order to see if it is drivable, fun, and to determine if there are places to stop for photos. All of our drive routes, with a few exceptions, are out and back style routes. Included on each drive route is a note regarding whether the route is Passenger Approved or Exotic Approved.

  • Passenger approved - these routes have minimal twisties, making them friendly to car sick prone passenger.
  • Exotic approved -these routes have terrain that is friendly to vehicles with low front ends, hard suspension, lowered suspension, etc.

All routes we post are done by linking to the MapQuest app, as we have found this offers the best functionality to drivers. The app is available for both Android and IOS devices. While not perfect, we recommend this app over other apps out there for the driving enthusiasts.

If you use these maps on other club runs and or events, please make sure to give the club credit for the work we have done and shared.

Remember, road conditions do change, so always drive roads with caution. We do our best to keep the status of roads current, but we might be behind in our data.

Stockton to Lake Tahoe

  • Pasenger Approved
  • -Exotic Approved