Event Requirements

Off-Road Event Requirements

Participant Expectations:

  • Most importantly - A positive attitude and desire to join in an exciting adventure!
  • Patience - We never know what the desert will bring on any given day.  No matter the group size or experience level, please be willing to work with everyone participating to resolve any issues that may arise.  We all want to have a good time.
  • Level-headed Driving - We expect you to obey all posted speed limits and drive at a safe speed based on conditions.  We focus on safety first, knowing that fun will following soon.
  • Failure to meet any of the above expectations will result in your being asked to leave the event, and you will not be allowed to participate in any future club events on or offroad.

Minimum Requirements:

The Raptor Offroad Community (ROC) welcomes all off-road vehicles to join our club.  However, we do maintain minimum requirements, which are for your safety and the safety of all who attend our club events  AAA Towing does not come out to where we go.  Therefore, we must take steps to ensure that all participants are able to safely make it off the trail.

Unless otherwise stated, we ask that your vehicle be modified to the performance level of a stock Ford Raptor, and that it be in good mechanical condition.  For example, a Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, or Toyota Tundra upgraded with bypass shocks would be fine on our adventures.  Furthermore, your vehicle must have tires and wheels that are meant to go off-road.  If your vehicle has 22-inch wheels and low profile street tires, it will make for a very short day for you and can interfere with the fun and safety of all participants, including yourself.   For this reason, we would prefer your vehicle have a wheel size no larger than 18 inches and mounted with off-road tires.

Minimum Gear:

  • VHF Radio with ROC1 (151.745) and ROC2  (151.750)
  • ROC will use as backups Weatherman (151.625) and TRR1 (152.000)
    • Rugged Radio will give a 20% to those who mention "Raptor Offroad Community" on all purchases
    • You can get a Rugged Radio RH-5R Handheld VHF Radio that will be programed for you for about $65.
    • A discount VHF Handheld Radio (Boefang UV-5R) will cost about $55 on Amazon.
    • Preferred -  50 Watt Mounted VHF radio.
  • GPS Unit
    • Lead Nav - For those using "IOS devices," this is the newest GPS app we've found.
    • Backcountry Navigation - For those using Android, this is the best GPS we've found.
    • Lowrance is the main GPS of choice, as it will always show the map and not go black like your phone.
  • Full-size Spare Tire & Plug Kit - Flats happen all the time in the desert.
    • Preferred - Two full-size spares tires, as your day might be over too soon if you only have one.
  • ALL vehicle maintenance up to date and the vehicle be in good mechanical order. If you have a small problem with your truck, it will almost always become a big problem on the trail.

Event Groups ​Requirements:

As the club has grown, so to has the knowledge and experience of our members and how to explore the desert. With this knowledge of respecting the trails and how to support each other, this leads us to the next evolution of the club with two run groups. These groups are Bravo and Charlie depending on your skill level and participation in Raptor Offroad Community and Rad Drive activities.

Bravo Run Group:

This is open to all members and for those who prefers to sight see more at the stops. The Bravo group is about exploring and learning the trails. All members to ROC will be placed in this group until you have done three runs with the club. After the three runs you can stay with this group or deiced you prefer just to run the trails and not see the sights as much.

Charlie Run Group:

Charlie group is for those who have participated in three or more Raptor Offroad Community runs. This group is for members who wish to just drive the trails and sight see a little less. As Charlie  group you must have the following in order to be placed in this run group:

  • 50 watt VHF Radio - Programmed with Weatherman (151.625) and TRR 1 (152.000).
  • Auxiliary Lighting - Front and rear visibility lights, as dust makes everything hard to see.
  • GPS Unit
    • Lowrance is the main GPS of choice, as it will always show the map and not go black like your phone.
    • Backcountry Navigation - For those using Andriod, this is the best GPS we've found.
    • Lead Nav - For those using "IOS devices," this is the newest GPS app we've found.
  • Two Spare minimum for runs
  • 5 gallons of fuel

Alpha Run Group:

The Alpha group is for those who wish to help support the club by pre-running and or becoming a club officer. Basically this is the Admin group or club members who help support and grow the club by events and activities.