The first road drive of the 2019 season took place in our long time stomping grounds of Napa County. We all met up in Fairfield to start the drive, and after a long winter of wind and rain we were ready to hit the road. The group was the usual mix of BMW, Audi, and some old but new friends with a Grand National, CTSV, Infiniti, Mercedes, Vett and Viper.

The first section of the day was fun despite hitting a little traffic here and there. We arrived at our group photo stop in good time. As we headed out on the next long section of road toward Napa, we got stuck behind a boat trailer. Luckily, the trailer pulled off after only 5 minutes allowing us to enjoy the section of fun runs at a more spirited pace.

The next section of the run is made up of fun yet narrow and hair raising switch backs. The road runs right along the edge of a river, providing great views along with some white knuckling thrills. Luckily, no one felt their car needed a bath and we made it to the longest non-interrupted section of road. Here, we wound through the county hills towards the mid-point of the run in Middletown.

Following a quick fuel and bio break at the half way point, the group made its way to Napa along the cruise section of road. This section is always full of traffic and pace cars, so we just took it easy and enjoyed the scenery. During the last part of the drive, we hit the Silverado Trail to drive past all the world class wineries in the area. Once in town, the majority of us enjoyed lunch and good conversation before splitting off to head home. As with years past, this was a great drive to kick off the road drive season and we look forward to the next road adventures this year will bring.

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