2018 Event Images

Ghost Town II

This was a re-running of one of the first ROC runs ever done. This was a great two day adventure for the whole family.

Carson to Vegas

The second running of our Reno to Vegas series we have done covering 600 miles in two days.

Northwest Epic Tour

2018 Epic Road Tour III - Pacific Northwest Adventures through three states, 10 days and 1800 miles.

Prescott to Las Vegas

Arizona to Las Vegas offroad run on wild trails and a wild experience.

Redwoods Road Tour

RAD headed back to the coast for a tour of the Redwoods of Northern California.

Mint 400

ROC trail run to the 50th running of the Mint 400. This was one wild weekend of watching racing and high speed trails.

Clear Lake Drive

First drive of the 2018 season to Clear Lake to try our a whole new drive route.

2017 Event Images

Fire Tour

3 day adventure from CA to Las Vegas to see the SEMA show. One heck of a adventure through the hotest places in the US.


The end of the offroad season jamboree based out of Fallon Nevada. One epic weekend of fun.

Pismo Beach Weekend

ROC at Pismo Beach for some much needed R&R before the ROC Fest

Ice House Drive

Weekend drive to Ice House to burn some fuel and hits some winding roads.

Lake Tahoe Drive

Annual drive to Lake Tahoe for lunch and scenic drives of the area.

Area 51 - Vegas to Vegas

Two day adventure in the desert to visit the place that does not exist, or does it?

Crater Lake Tour

Three day road tour to Crater Lake, with stops at the Lava Beds and Burney Falls.

Return to Mammoth

Return to Mammoth trail run to explore new areas and visit our favorite ones.

Pony Express Trail

Epic trail run from Salt Lake City, Utah to Carson City, Nevada along the Historic Pony Express Trail.

Sonoma Drive

New loop for everyone. This one started in the valley and loop to the coast before lunch in Sonoma.

Salton Sea Adventure

ROCs first outing to SoCal to explore the Salton Sea and the home of the prerunner

Napa Drive

One of our annual routes to kick off the driving season.

Black Rock Desert

Two days of crazy trails and weather at the start of the off-road season.

Wyoming Trail Dayz

Our first ever camp out in the heart of America. See the amazing images from this event in the open areas of the mid west.

2016 Event Images

HWY 1 North Drive

One of our scenic drives to the California coast with a loop North and lunch stop in Healdsburg.

ROC Attacks Area 51

ROC's first run to the famous Area 51 region to see if we can find any signs of extraterrestrial life.

Ice House Drive

A return drive to Ice House to tackle one of the most adrenaline hill climbs in the area.

Mammoth Adventure

Our first trip to Mammoth to explore the trails and sights.

Napa Drive

Annual drive to the heart of wine country for lunch and back road fun.

Poker Run III

ROC's third poker run weekend which included time in Fallon for exploring and muddy fun.

Colorado Road Tour

A mini epic event done in the Colorado mountains.

Silver State Adventure

Trekking from Reno to Las Vegas over two days of trails.

Livermoore Drive

Our East Bay drive with a loop back to Central California.

2015 Event Images

Volcano Drive

One of our favorite drives with a loop through Volcano CA.

Santa Cruz Drive

A fun half day drive down the Bay Area peninsula to Santa Cruz for lunch.


Our first end of year offroad camp out in Fallon Nevada.

Poker Run II

The second poker run in of the year with trails near Fernly NV.

Lake Tahoe Drive

Day drive to Lake Tahoe for lunch and loop back to home.

Lost Coast Adventure

Our first offroad Adventure to the Pacific Coast and surrounding areas.

Napa Drive

Annual drive to Napa for lunch and a little wine tasting.

Poker Run I

ROC's first event poker run which held a few surprises along the way.

Ghost Town Adventure

Trail run to see several ghost towns before entering Bodie CA.

Epic South West Tour

A two week long road tour to cover 12 national parks.

Carson to Dayon

A fun trail run to explore a loop from Carson to Dayton NV.

Bimmerfest 2015

BMW drive down to the largest Bavarian car show on the West Coast.

2014 Event Images

Napa Drive

Oldie but Goldie drive to Napa for the usual back road fun and a great lunch stop in the heart of wine country

Redwood Road Tour

Three day adventure up the CA coast to see the giant redwoods and to explore some great roads.

Santa Cruz Drive

Taking a different approach to the drive to Santa Cruz, we hit the cost for some photos.

Volcano 2014

Taking a new route to our classic Volcano loop in Central CA.

Lake Tahoe Drive

Annual run to Lake Tahoe on a new route that offered a bit of a twist on this classic drive.

Lassen Road Tour

Threes days of fun back road driving to see Lassen National park as well as sights off the beaten path such as a rail museum and lava tubes.

Mammoth Road Tour

A two day road tour over the Sierras to Mammoth Lakes with a detour into Yosemite to see the major sites of the region

Lovelock Trail Run

Our first event organized offroad event to see how it all works. A fun day adventure in the desert around Lovelock Nv.

500 Miglia

Our second running of this event down the CA coast to San Luis Obispo.

Capitol Air Show

Invitation event to see the 2014 Capitol Airshow and display our cars with some amazing aircraft.

Diablo Mines Run

A new take on our mines road run, adding in a new section near Mt Diablo.

HWY 1 Coast Drive

One of the more scenic drives we do up the CA Coast with a ending drive into Northern wine country.

2013 Event Images

Lake Tahoe Drive

Our annual drive to Lake Tahoe running the "CA Autobahn" route.

Volcano Drive

Classic drive to Volcano Ca for lunch and then a new loop back to Sacramento.

Napa Drive

The annual season kick off drive to wine country

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

Our first ever epic road tour to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons

Bimmerfest 2013

Bimmerfest weekend drive and car show for fans of BMW

500 Miglia

Our first running of the 500 Miglia coast drive from SF to San Louis Obispo

2012 Event Images

Napa Drive

Our first run under the new banner of Road Adventures using a classic drive we all loved.

Santa Cruz Drive May

Spring time run down to Santa Cruz following a zig zag pattern from the hills to the coast.

Airfeild Drive and Photos

Starting with the mines rd drive, we ended with a photo photoshoot at an old abandon airfield.

Santa Cruz Drive October

End of the drive season down to Santa Cruz following Skyline

HWY 1 Coast Drive

Looping on HWY 1 from the North of SF to cut over at Bodega Bay.

Ice House Drive

A drive up one of the most amazing and un-forgiving roads in Norther Ca.

Lake Tahoe Drive

The annual drive up the mountains to Lake Tahoe.

Livermoore Drive

Starting with a loop from Livermoore and ending with a dash down mines road.

Livermoore Drive May

By request we headed to Livermoore to try mines road which was just re-paved.