Drive Requirements


Road Adventures takes safety seriously on all our drives and tours. Because of this, we strongly recommend the following to help keep participants safe, as well as those on the road around us.

Handheld Two-Way Radio

We use short range VHF radios to stay in communication on our drives. This allows us to warn drivers of potential hazards, such as debris or cyclists, and also allows for communication of upcoming turns or exits. You can find the radio recommendation listed on Amazon.

  • Baofang UV-5R or BaoFeng BF-F8HP (preferred model)
  • 12-inch Antenna
  • Radio set to 151.625 and 152.000

Vehicle Preparation

As with all activities, it is important to have your vehicle prepared for a drive.  This is to ensure you have fun and not have to get a tow home:

  • All scheduled maintenance up to date
  • Fluids topped off
  • Fueled before attending the event