The first Road Adventures event of 2018 was a fun day drive on a new loop up to Clear Lake. This drive used some familiar fun roads from our Napa drive and added a bunch of new sections. With 21 cars attending, the group ranged from BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Ope, VW, McLaren, Audi, and Mustang.

Leaving at 8:00 AM, we hit the Napa roads in reverse which made for some fun twists and turns. Reaching the first check point, the group headed up the hill through one of the tight twisting sections of the trail. This was also where some of the group missed a turn and ended up going on a parallel route to the fuel and restroom stop.

After regrouping in Middletown, we headed out on the second half of the drive. For the majority of us, these were all new roads.  Everyone enjoyed the tight turns and cool new sights. This section of road took us through an area that had been hit by the recent Santa Rosa fire. The devastation was apparent, and the smell of smoke was still in the air.


Reaching Clear Lake, the group stopped at a park for a group photo before heading to lunch. We made really good time on this drive, as the traffic was light. While this allowed for greater driver enjoyment, it resulted in us reaching our lunch destination prior to its opening. Therefore, we quickly picked a new restaurant. This lunch stop was located on the water and not only had good food, but lots of tap beers to choose from.

After lunch, the group split up. About half the people went back to the Bay Area, while the rest of us continued on the remaining section of road. While not as exciting as the first sections, these roads were still fun and a good time was had by all.

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