About Us


What is Road Adventures?

Road Adventures is a club for on and off-road enthusiasts.  We organize events, which are open to vehicles of all makes and models.  All of our events are done at cost, as we are a not for profit organization that focuses on building friendships, sharing adventures, and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Road Adventures is made up of two communities; RADdrives and Raptor Offroad Community (ROC).

RADdrives is a community for those who love to drive and get out on the open road.  Events consist of day drives and road tours.

ROC is a community for those who enjoy participating in desert style off-roading events.  Despite the name, events are open to all off-road capable vehicles, not just Ford Raptors.

Meet the Team

The Road Adventures team is a volunteer-based group of organizers.  Together, they work to plan, promote, and execute tasks necessary to ensure events are fun for all who attend.  Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we are able to host events that provide participants the opportunity to create adventures with other like-minded on and off-road enthusiasts.


Patrick Halpin

Event Organizer & Trail Lead

Patrick brings over 25 years of off-road event experience and has been with ROC from the beginning, first as a participant and now as a lead event organizer and event trail leader. Patrick is also one of the main photographers and often captures great airborne pictures of ROC members.  You can see more of Patrick's pictures on Instagram - Trick.Raptor @ IG


Helio Muro

Trail Lead & Organizer

Helio is a founder of Dirt Day runs and has a wealth of knowledge and experience offroading.  His participation in ROC events has greatly expand the areas the club will venture to in the south.  You can find him outside of events on the trail exploring new abandon places and looking the next big adventure.  See more of Helio's on Instagram - heliomuro @ IG


Bob Corrado

Trail Lead & Organizer

While you might not see Bob as often as you will see other team members, he plays an integral part in our ROC event planning.  He is the old timer for all our off-road runs, and therefore, brings with him years of experience from his ATV club days. When you are fortunate enough to see him on the trail, you will find him making sure everyone is safe and having a good time.


Noah Stebbins

Trail Lead, Colorado

Noah was part of the original ROC team in California before relocating to Colorado.  He now leads the ROC events based around the Colorado area.  In addition to his colorful attitude, he is well organized and a valuable asset to the team.


Crystal McIntyre


Crystal is the owner of Faultline Photo, and she captures amazing images of all the events she attends.  If you are looking for an off-road event photographer, there is no one better in the hobby.


Marcus Abellera


Marcus is the newest staff member to ROC. He brings an amazing talent of video editing. He is able to capture the highlights of the off-road trail runs and put them together for us all to share.  Make sure to check out his amazing work on the ROC YouTube channel and on Instagram - marcus_aurelius_serverus @ IG


Tom Driver

Drive Lead

Tom has been with Road Adventures since 2008.  He brings a wealth of knowledge in running events as well as great trivia facts share on the road tours.  You can find him letting his big cat loose as he plays sweep on drives, making sure everyone gets to where they need to go.


Austin Wilson

Drive Coordinator

Austin helps out with RADdrives events. He manages social media, as well as, assisting in drive event planning and execution.


Adam Cook

Founder & Lead Organizer

Adam is the creator of Road Adventures and the main point of contact.  Leading events since 2003, he is the creative and driving force behind all the events.