Family road trips

Road Drives

Redwoods Road Tour & Hwy 299

2018 turned out to be the year of tree themed road tour events. The first of these road tours being the Redwoods Road Tour. This was a modified version of one of the very first road tours we did under the new club name. Starting in a new location, the group headed to Point Reyes to see one of the most well known lighthouses on the West Coast, Point Reyes Lighthouse.

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Road Tours

Fire Tour

With the SEMA show always falling on the first of November, we decided to do a road tour to Las Vegas to coincide with this event. Our 3 day adventure started in the central valley of California. We headed east to our first stop at Rail Town. Here, participants were able to take a trip through the past, and to the silver screen, by riding on the most filmed railway in the nation. After the train ride, we took a tour of the roundhouse to see the museum’s collection of engines and cars.

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