Exotice Road Trips

Road Tours

Epic Northwest Road Tour

This year’s biannual Epic Trip took us on an adventure up the Northwest coast of Oregon and Washington, and over to see two volcanoes and the Painted Hills. We were a diverse group of cars this year, made up of BMWs, Porsche, a Fiat, F-type Jaguar, Audi and a Lexus SUV. As always, this was a trip to remember.

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Road Drives

Redwoods Road Tour & Hwy 299

2018 turned out to be the year of tree themed road tour events. The first of these road tours being the Redwoods Road Tour. This was a modified version of one of the very first road tours we did under the new club name. Starting in a new location, the group headed to Point Reyes to see one of the most well known lighthouses on the West Coast, Point Reyes Lighthouse.

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