Road Tours


Road Tours are multi-day drives which combine driving fun, sightseeing and socializing.  Road Adventures started leading road tours in 2013, with the goal of providing an exciting way for driving enthusiasts to get out and see the country we live in.  We host 3 day mini tours, as well as a bi-annual epic tour, which is anywhere from 8-12 days long.

“Cars didn’t drive on it to make great time.  They drove on it to have a great time.” – Sally from Cars the movie

April 13-14 Redwoods Road Trip

We are heading back up HWY 1 to see the great Redwoods of Northern California. We did this trip 3 years ago. This year, however, we will not only stop at some of our favorite places, but we have also added some new and exciting stops along the way. This is a three day scenic tour for all those who want to enjoy one heck of an adventure.

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June 16-24 Epic North West Road Tour

Starting back up with our bi-annual epic road tours, we are heading to the Pacific North West. This is a 10 day road tour that will cover some of the most scenic areas of the lower 48. Heading north up HWY 1, we will loop into Seattle, WA, then back south to CA. We will be making stops at all the major attractions this area is known for. This is one trip not to be missed.

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September 28-30 Sequoia California

This is a new trip that will take us to the heart of California. The planned stops are Kings Canyon to see the great sequoia trees, several museums and even an old ghost town. Join us for an exciting weekend of exploration of some of California's best kept secrets.