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Welcome to Baja.

This is the first of the ROC series of Baja Runs to explore this region and experience sections of the world famous race. These trips are for those who want a wild adventure but also a challenge in some of the most scenic and technical terrain around.

NOTE: ROC membership NOT required to attend. Open to any and all participants.

Technical Brief:

This is an international trip and thus all participants must read and understand the requirements to attend these events. We welcome all makes and models on these runs however they must meet out minimum requirements.


  • Lead and Sweep crew vehicles on the trail with you to make sure no one gets left behind.
  • Pre-ran mapped trail files for gps noting hazard and markers to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Support truck and trailer just in case you find that new washout that was not there on pre-runs.
  • Commonly damaged stock spare parts, along with oils, belts and even tires if you go thru both spares!
  • Technical/GPS support to handle break downs and emergencies.
  • Emergency satellite communication.
  • Hotel Rooms for each destination of the trip. Pre and Post hotel rooms are not included.
  • Dinner for each night of the run.
  • Decal set with the number of your choice
  • Two t-shirts for the driver and one passenger. Additional passengers are $300 and include a t-shirt.

Pre Event Hotel

For those needing a hotel before the event, we recommend the following hotel as it offers a secure parking lot and great amenities. Handlery Motel:  950 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108

Thursday May 2nd – Day 1:
We’ll meet on the US side of the tecate border at the Target parking lot at 2911 Jamacha Road, El Cajon, CA 92019. Once everyone’s fueled up and checked in, we’ll convoy to the border and head 10 miles east to the compadre trail head. From there, it’s all dirt. Just before lunch (in valle de Trinidad) we’ll get to experience the infamous goat trail featured In last years Baja 1000. We stop for tacos and fuel, and continue on to San Felipe. After we cross a dry lake bed, we snake our way around a few cattle ranches (watch out for cows), find our self on “zoo road” and the San Felipe whoops. After you’ve had your fill of whoops, we’ll be in San Felipe, the group will get checked in to the hotel and have a group dinner. Then you can stay at the hotel for drinks on the beach and swimming, or go to the malecon for shopping and bars walking distance from the hotel.

Friday May 3rd – Day 2:
We’ll have breakfast at the hotel, refuel the trucks and back track to our lunch spot. Depending on the groups speed we can take a trail up to mikes sky ranch or skip it if we need to keep things moving. After another fuel stop and more tacos we go west to the coast through a large valley that has a trail cut into the side of the mountain. Once we get to the Pacific Ocean it’s about 50 miles south to San quintín. Following some of the most scenic trails on the trip.

Saturday May 4th – Day 3:
After breakfast everyone will convoy to highway 1 to refuel and then it’s right back to the coast to head north. Along the way we’ll stop at the ship wreck of San jacinto, a beach for a photo op, and coyote cals for lunch. The dirt trails end in Santo tómas and it’s a quick scenic drive into Ensenada.

Sunday May 5th – Day 4:
Refuel and head out towards the border. On the way back to the compadre trail we go thru Ojos Negros. A town known for watching the Baja 1000. From there it’s north on the compadre trail.  Once we get to the asphalt we’ll say our goodbyes and get in line to cross back into the US.