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Raptor Offroad Community

As the name suggests, Raptor Offroad Community (or ROC) is an off-road club based on the idea of creating an all-inclusive community for desert off-road enthusiasts. Our club hosts prerunner-style desert  events. We welcomes all off-road vehicles, from Ford Raptors to Toyota Tacomas.  Our off-road events range from 2 to 5 day excursions in the American West, with a focus on covering awesome desert terrain and seeing some rare off-the-beaten-track sights, such as abandoned mines, ghost towns, geologic desert formations, and more. Come join us for an adventure in the dirt and experience the fun for yourself.

In order to join our club trail runs, you must be a paid member of the club.
See our Members Page for details.

Mint 400
March 9-11

The Mint 400 is the USA most popular and well know offroad event. ROC will be in attendance for the new format with the main event take place on Sunday which is a shift in years past. We will have a planed trail run Saturday and meeting options for the remainder of the weekend. Club members can register and see the full details on the Mint 400 Registration page.

Death Valley CA
April 13-14

This is a two day adventure to explore the sites of Death Valley CA. The first day has a focus on seeing the major sites of the area and will not be a full day of trails do to the limitations of the area. The second day will be all about the trails and seeing the sights less accessible. Club members can register and see the full details on the Death Valley registration page.

ROC Run Baja
May 2-4

Welcome to our first run to the world famous Baja peninsula. This is a four day run that hits all the major sights and offers a great introduction to the area. For those looking to head to Baja, this is a great trip for you and friends. Make sure not to miss out on this awesome run. Baja Run registration page.

Event Highlights:

Day one:  The famous “zoo road” and the San Felipe whoops.
Day two:  Pacific Ocean trail about 50 miles south to San quintín. Following some of the most scenic trails on the trip.
Day three: The ship wreck of San jacinto, a beach for a photo op, and coyote cals for lunch.
Day four: Head out towards the border. On the way back to the compadre trail we go thru Ojos Negros.

Flight Run
May 18-19

This is a new area for us to explore near California City and Edwards Air Force Base. The idea of this run is to visit the sites of where historical aircraft meet their fate in spectacular crashes.  This run will include some historical facts and will be about the theme of flight. Club members can register and see the full details on the Flight Run registration page.

Return to Area 51
June 15-16

Starting in Las Vegas, you will head North to the infamous Area 51. Here the trails will be so awesome you will think you have been transported to a distant Pre-runner planet of AWESOME. This is one amazing loop around the alien hot spot of the United States. Club members can register and see the full details on the Area 51 registration page.

Gold Point Trails
July 27-28

Gold Point is a small old ghost town in the middle of Nevada. This has become a favorite stop for ROC events and the locals there are getting use to us barn storming in for a few hours. This is also a great introduction run to pre-running and is one the whole family or partner will enjoy. Register for Gold Point

Return to Mammoth
September 20-22

One of the most requested events for ROC to do again and again. Mammoth is a three day run with a base camp setup out of Mammoth Lakes. The trail and the area are some of the most picturesque  you will ever see and is worth the trek to attend. Register for Mammoth


ROC Fest V
October 11-12

We are headed back North to setup camp for ROC Fest 5. Details are still being finalized and will be posted soon.


Proposed Event schedule for upcoming offroad seasons:

Events and order are subject to change. Club member feedback and suggestions can be sent to

2020 Proposed Events

Mint 400
Annual weekend event and trail run
AZ to LV
Return to AZ for new trails and ROC run event
Northern NV / Idaho
New territory run to explore the vast open plains
Pony Express
Three day trail run that was a instant hit for all that attended
Love lock
Old stopping groups to head north then back down to Reno
Ghost town
Traditional classic run down to bodie CA
ROC Fest

2021 Proposed Events

MINT 400
Annual weekend event and trail run
Lost Coast
Offroad run up the Northern Coast of CA. More sightseeing and fun adventure then trail run.
Reno to Las Vegas
New routes on the classic running of one of our most popular events
Jurassic Park Run
One of our long planned runs that covered 4-5 days of trails. Major sight is the Dinosaur National Park and other major dig sites.
Classic scenic event that is always a great event for those looking for a fun first event.
ROC Fest

2022 Proposed Events

Mint 400
Annual weekend event and trail run
CA City
Back to exploring the areas that are near CA City, Southern Death Valley, and Barstow.
Exploring the area North of Reno and towards Black Rock.
Trans America Run - 2 week event
This has been a long time in the planning. A massive 2400 mile trail run that leaves from Arkansas and ends on the coast of Oregon.