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Raptor Offroad Community

As the name suggests, Raptor Offroad Community (or ROC) is an off-road club based on the idea of creating an all-inclusive community for desert off-road enthusiasts. Our club hosts prerunner-style desert  events. We welcomes all off-road vehicles, from Ford Raptors to Toyota Tacomas.  Our off-road events range from 2 to 5 day excursions in the American West, with a focus on covering awesome desert terrain and seeing some rare off-the-beaten-track sights, such as abandoned mines, ghost towns, geologic desert formations, and more. Come join us for an adventure in the dirt and experience the fun for yourself.

In order to join our club trail runs, you must be a paid member of the club.
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Barstow to Las Vegas and Back
March 9-11

This will be ROCs' long awaited run on the world famous Barstow Trail. This event coincides with the Mint 400 to offer participants 3 days of non stop dirt action. Come join us for our first event of the year and kick off 2018 with a BANG! Make sure to purchase your Mint 400 tickets ASAP, as this is an outside purchase from our event.
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Arizona to Las Vegas
April 28-29

This is a two day adventure starting in Prescott Arizona and ending in Las Vegas, once again. In a partnership with Arizona Raptor Runs, the ROC team will be leading a two day adventure covering over 550 miles of trails with amazing stops along the way.
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Carson to Vegas
May 19-20

We are back again with our famous Reno to Vegas run. Last time we did our Silver State run it sold out in 1 hour. This time around we have new trails and a new starting location. If you were on the run last time, be ready to experience some of your favorite trail sections, including the lake bed and baja trail, as well as some amazing new trails and sights.
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Fallon to Gold Point
July 7-8

Starting in Fallon, Nevada, we will head East to make stops on an exploration run. This trip includes stops at the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park and Gold Point, Nevada. Gold Point is a ghost town stop very similar to Bodi, California. This is a trans Nevada run, so be ready to experience some new sights and trails we have never seen before.

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Wyoming Trail Days II
August 3-4

The first big camp-out of the 2018 season will be in Wyoming. This camp-out will entail three days of trails, exploring and offroad adventures. This event offers high speed jumps and sand dunes to play in. If you have always wanted to do a fun offroad adventure, then this is the event for you. All are welcome, and hotels are nearby for those who do not wish to camp-out.
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Ghost Town II
August 25-26

One of the most requested events for ROC to do again. We are heading back to Bodi California with some new trails on our first ever event as ROC. These trails are great for first time offroaders as well as for anyone that wants to see a town forgotten in time.


Pismo Beach
September 7-9

This is a fun weekend for those who want to do some offroading by they beach. As with last year's event, this is a relaxed event with trips to the sand dunes for jumps, drifts and to just goof around. Come join us for this weekend of fun in the sun.


West Texas Baja Days
September 21-23

This is a 3 day camp out event taking place near El Paso Texas. Featuring terrain only found in Baja, this event is a mix of high speed, track and other activities. Make sure to sign up and experience open desert running and one wild event.


ROC Fest IV - Barstow
October 12-13

After three years in Fallon, Nevada, we are trying something new for our end of the season West Coast camp-out. We are headed to Barstow, California, where base camp will be about 20 miles south of town. Here we will explore new trails, hold group day runs, and close out the 2018 offroad season with our usual camp-out excitement.
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