2017 Event Images

Ice House Drive

Weekend drive to Ice House to burn some fuel and hits some winding roads.

Return to Mammoth

Return to Mammoth trail run to explore new areas and visit our favorite ones.

Lake Tahoe Drive

Annual drive to Lake Tahoe for lunch and scenic drives of the area.

Pony Express Trail

Epic trail run from Salt Lake City, Utah to Carson City, Nevada along the Historic Pony Express Trail.

Crater Lake Tour

Three day road tour to Crater Lake, with stops at the Lava Beds and Burney Falls.

Area 51 - Vegas to Vegas

Two day adventure in the desert to visit the place that does not exist, or does it?

Sonoma Drive

New loop for everyone. This one started in the valley and loop to the coast before lunch in Sonoma.

Salton Sea Adventure

ROCs first outing to SoCal to explore the Salton Sea and the home of the prerunner

Napa Drive

One of our annual routes to kick off the driving season.

Black Rock Desert

Two days of crazy trails and weather at the start of the off-road season.

2016 Event Images

Colorado Road Tour

A mini epic event done in the Colorado mountains.

Silver State Adventure

Trekking from Reno to Las Vegas over two days of trails.