Day Drives


Raddrives got its start by putting on day drives.  These on road events take participants on a fun, spirited drive that is completed in the course of one day, just as the name implies.  Each day drive starts off with a social cup of coffee, allowing participants the opportunity to meet one another, as well as learn the specifics of the drive.  The group then embarks on a back road adventure, consisting of 100-250 miles of Northern California countryside.  Some drives focus on covering fun terrain, such as twisties and/or long straight-aways, while others focus more on sightseeing, making stops along the way for pictures and exploration.  No matter what drive you join, you will be guaranteed gorgeous scenery, exciting back roads and good times with other driving enthusiasts.  Come join us and experience the excitement for yourself.

Upcoming Day Drive Schedule:

February 10 - Clear Lake Cruise

This is a new loop that will take us to Clear Lake for a lunch stop, then back down to Napa area for the end of the drive. As this is the first drive of the season, rain will play a factor and the drive might have to be postponed. Stay tuned for details.

March 17 - Delta Loop

This drive is an oldy but goody. Starting in West Sacramento, we will make a loop of the Sacramento Delta, stopping to have a late brunch in Rio Vista.

May 26 -  Napa Drive

This is our customary trip to the wine country. This drive is one of the shorter day drives we offer, but also one of the most scenic. For those who might want to bring a little vino home for later, our wine stop will be at the Trefethen Family Vineyards.

July 21 - Angels Camp

This is one of the new drives being put on this year. It will provide a full day of driving. Starting in Stockton, we will head up and over the Sierra and back again. This will be one amazing and technical drive.

August 18 - Santa Cruz

This is our classic coastal run. It's a fun an scenic drive that will get you home in time to complete the honey do list.

October 27 - Lake Tahoe

The classic day loop we do each year to drive on some of our favorite road on our way up to Lake Tahoe for Lunch. This one is always a popular drive for everyone each year to attend. This will be the last run of 2018 due to some life changes. We will pick back up in 2019.