Day Drives


Raddrives got its start putting on day drives.  These on road events take participants on a fun, spirited drive that is completed in the course of one day, just as the name implies.  Each day drives starts off with a social cup of coffee, allowing participants the opportunity to meet one another, as well as learn the specifics of the drive.  The group then embarks on a back road adventure, consisting of 100-200 miles of Northern California country side.  Some drives focus on covering fun terrain, such as twisties and/or long straight-sways, while others focus more on sightseeing, making stops along the way for pictures and exploration.  No matter what drive you join, you will be guaranteed gorgeous scenery, exciting back roads and good times with other driving enthusiasts.  Come join us and experience the excitement for yourself.

Upcoming Day Drive Schedule:

July 29 - Lake Tahoe

This is our annual Lake Tahoe drive. One of our most popular drives, we will start our full day of driving in El Dorado Hills.  We  cover over 200 miles of beautiful and exciting back roads up to Tahoe. After lunch in South Shore, we will slow things down as the group takes a cruise around the west side of the lake. For those who wish, you may choose to pull off here and extend your stay in the Tahoe area for the remainder of the day or overnight.

September  2 - Ice House

Ice house is one of the more challenging loops we lead drivers on. The roads are amazing and take you past some incredible steep drop offs that are not for the faint of heart. As long as traffic is light, this is a great loop that ends in Auburn for lunch before heading home.

November 18 - Santa Cruz

This California Bay Area loop is another one of those classic loops we travel every year. Starting in the South Bay, we wind our way through the mountains to the coast.  We complete the adventure in Santa Cruz where we stop for lunch before heading home.