About Road Adventures

Road Adventures is an informal club run by a group of friends who enjoy organizing road tours and off road events. The club is for all motor enthusiasts who want to go out and make friends and share in an adventure. Our club and events are open to all makes or models of vehicles. This is a not for profit group, as we want to make it about fun, not making money.

The club format started back in 2002 is a shared cost and membership by event. This goes for all our road tours and off road events. We felt cost sharing by event was better than an annual fee, as sometimes you can’t make all the events. As events are done at cost for all who participate, this was what we felt was best as well as ensure we fight for the best group deals for everyone.

Road tours and off road events are professionally organized because we want it to be fun for us as well. The main organizer has over 16 years of experience running tour events.

We are about making new friends and if you have not figured it out, have an adventure. Join us on any club run and look forward to seeing you on the road and or trails.

Road Adventures service to clubs If you are a club and need help planning an event, let us know if we can help. Please contact us at info@raddrives.com to discuss what adventure you have in mind.

Club Membership

Membership fee is collected by event to comply with the requirement of our club insurance that all participants are members.


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